Chapter 187 Good Job

Jiang Sese only stayed in the antique shop for a while before going back home.

There was still no message from Jin Fengchen, so Jiang Sese thought he had to be busy at work.

However, Jiang Sese recalled that no matter how busy Jin Fengchen was, he had never been radio silent for this long, which bewildered her. Thinking about it again, she couldn't help laughing at herself. "I was the one pushing him away and I can't stop thinking about him now?" Jiang Sese realized that even a message from him would make her very happy.

Jiang Sese tossed and turned in bed that night.

Jin Fengchen didn't visit her for the next few days, nor did Xiaobao. The little guy called Jiang Sese from time to time, but neither the father nor the son showed up at her place.

Wei Qingfeng, on the other hand, asked her out for dinner, but she turned him down, for Su Shan gave her a lot of work all of a sudden.

At the moment, Jiang Sese was talking to Wei Qingfeng on the phone and she sounded apologetic. "Mr. We
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