Chapter 193 Grandpa's Birthday Party

Jin Fengchen found Jin Fengyao playing a video game with Xiaobao when he got home. Upon seeing his brother, Jin Fengyao greeted him at once.

"Brother, you're back!"

Jin Fengchen ignored him. He took off his coat and tossed it aside. The video game happened to come to an end then, allowing Jin Fengyao to look up from the screen. Only then did he realize that his brother looked pissed off.

Xiaobao had also noticed his father's bad mood. The two of them exchanged looks. In the end, it was Jin Fengyao who opened his mouth to ask, "Brother, what's wrong? Did the discussion go badly?"

"Which client was brazen enough to upset my brother?"

Jin Fengyao was still confused when he heard his brother question. "Were you the one who told Su Shan to give Jiang Sese such a heavy workload?"

Jin Fengchen was pretty skeptical in the first place. "Why would Jiang Sese get so busy out of the blue that she fell ill?" He finally had his answer now. Sure enough, his brother nodded.

"Yeah! That way, Sis
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