Chapter 198 Why Are You Tearing at My Scar?

Jiang Sese thought that she was on the verge of a mental breakdown. The Jiang and Lan families were the ones who forced her into taking this road, so why were they still not letting her off even now?

Remembering everything that happened to her several years ago, all she could feel was the world darkening around her. The helplessness and suffering she experienced six years ago once again rushed to her heart.

Her body turned ice-cold. Right now, resentment was all she felt. She hated the Jiang Family for refusing to let go of her. She hated the smug look on Jiang Nuannuan's disgusting face.

Lan Sichen berated Jiang Nuannuan. "Are you really going to blow things up?"

The Jin and Qin families were all here. One careless move and they could very well offend both families. What would happen to the Jiang and Lan families then...

"Why not? She's broken off all ties with our family anyway."

Qin Mulan looked at them both. Determined to get to the bottom of things, she asked, "What is it? Y
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Rose SB
Why is she so fragile? Always fainting or getting sick for minor things!!!!!

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