Chapter 20 Caught Red-Handed

Jiang Sese became uneasy from all the staring, especially considering the suggestive look in his eyes. To her embarrassment, her cheeks became warm and made her feel even more awkward. "No, no, I'm here to see Xiaobao."

"Ah? Xiaobao? Why are you looking for him?"

Jin Fengyao's smile instantly faltered and his expression became filled with disappointment.

Jiang Sese didn't expect such a reaction from him. She asked hesitantly, "What's wrong? Can't I look for Xiaobao?"

Jin Fengyao waved his hand. "Nah. Xiaobao is with my parents now. You won't be able to see him now."

He paused for a beat before recovering his smile. This time, his smile resembled that of a wolf. "But if you're here for my brother, he's very free!"

Even if his brother wasn't free, he was sure that the former would make it look as if he was very free!

He quietly added that in his mind.

Jiang Sese couldn't help hesitating. She had the feeling that the Second Young Master of the Jin family was lying through his teet
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