Chapter 200 Let Them See Her True Face

Su Qingyin clenched her hands tightly at the thought of everything that had happened tonight—Jin Fengchen and Jiang Sese's tender kiss outside the hotel, him throwing all caution to the wind to embrace her, his worried expression when he saw her faint...

"What about me?! He said less than three words to me at the party! He didn't even look me straight in the eye!"

These thoughts filled her with rabid jealousy. She swore that she would find a way to inform Jin Fengchen and his family about Jiang Sese's past. She would let them see her true face.


Inside the car, Qin Mulan was still trying to persuade her father.

"Dad, do you really think that Jiang Sese and Fengchen are suited for each other?"

"Why not? One is a handsome man, the other a beautiful woman. They're both so capable, too. Weren't you impressed with Sese's event-planning earlier? Why aren't they suited?" Grandpa Qin replied.

Qin Mulan sighed. Had she known that the party was Jiang Sese's work, she wouldn't have… He
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where is the ending of the book ???

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