Chapter 212 Kick Her out of Jin Fengchen's World

Hearing that, Su Qingyin looked dumbfounded. Holding the file, her hands were almost trembling. This job was her last connection with Jin Fengchen. It would be nearly impossible for her to see this man again if she left the Jin Group. When that happened, she would have no hope left.

Su Qingyin forced a smile, and then said in resignation, "I'll go talk to my grandpa."

Despite what Su Qingyin said, she would never leave the Jin Group without putting up a fight.

"All right," replied Jin Fengchen indifferently.

He knew Su Qingyin's feelings for him, but Jiang Sese was the only woman he was going to love in this lifetime, and he wouldn't be able to respond to Su Qingyin's affection in any way. Moreover, she was the daughter of the Su Family. It wouldn't look appropriate if she worked for the Jin Group for too long.

Su Qingyin's face was livid when she walked out of the office.

She knew that it wouldn't be long before she left the Jin Group and wondered if Jin Fengchen was so eager to
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Kwanzaa Grandison
A match made in heaven, these two
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please fix this chapter

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