Chapter 215 Find out about the Surrogacy

The car stopped outside a Western-style restaurant, which was set up in a quiet location with an elegant layout. Because of the Double Seventh Festival, many of the tables were taken by couples. Seeing this, Jiang Sese couldn't help feeling that the two of them were just another ordinary couple like the others and that there was no significant difference between them.

Holding Jiang Sese's hand, Jin Fengchen led her to the table he reserved, and then beckoned a waiter over to take their order.

Night had set in by now. The restaurant was on the top floor of the building, so they could savor the nightscape through the glass walls. The view was stunning.


In contrast to the harmonious couple, Su Qingyin could only drown herself in alcohol at a bar.

It was the Double Seventh Festival today, but the man she loved was with someone else. What was more, a man like Jin Fengchen had bought flowers for Jiang Sese.

Closing her eyes, Su Qingyin felt like a mess, but she had no idea what to
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Dhang Amistad
What happen the next chapter?when its going out?
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Liza Castro
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please add more than 2 chapters...add them hourly if need be...the suspense is killing me...would like to finish this book and move on to the next one please...

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