Chapter 217 You're My Mommy

After the phone call, Jin Fengyao looked conflicted. He said in the end, "Brother, according to Su Shan, my sister-in-law has no active projects and has been really idle these days. She was obviously lying to you!"

Hearing that, Jin Fengchen couldn't help frowning. It was obvious that Jiang Sese had spare time, but she had turned him down with an excuse that she was busy. She was definitely avoiding him. He had guessed right.

"Brother, do we need to look into it? My sister-in-law has changed so suddenly. Has something happened?"

"All right." Jin Fengchen nodded and didn't turn Jin Fengyao down. Without the investigation, he might never hear the reason from Jiang Sese herself.

Soon after, Jin Fengyao left the office with his mission. He then had someone look into Jiang Sese's recent whereabouts.

Jin Fengchen worked well past 11 o'clock. He couldn't help feeling agitated, and he wondered what made Jiang Sese avoid him again.

Lighting a cigarette, Jin Fengchen was lost in thought, b
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This is ridiculous! Spoon feeding me 2 chapters every day. Release the book or give me my money back and I’ll uninstall and read someplace else. I don’t even understand it anymore anyway.
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Caroline Oyebanji
decide what exactly you want to do writer, either you release the whole story to the end or, use loose all your readers, am beginning to think of uninstalling this app too. thanks.
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Patty Cuenca Centina
this is the nth time we had the same plot twist. will we be running around i circles until ahe ends up in the hospital again?

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