Chapter 218 She's Got a Child

Jin Fengyao handed Jin Fengchen a picture, which showed Jiang Sese meeting Li An at a restaurant, but Li Xuan wasn't in it.

Seeing this, Jin Fengchen asked, "What's the relationship between this Li An and Jiang Sese?"

"I haven't found that out yet, but my sister-in-law has been seeing that man a lot recently."

Jin Fengchen frowned instantly and became lost in thought.

Jin Fengchen wondered if this Li An had something to do with the sudden change in Jiang Sese's attitude. Naturally, he wouldn't believe that Jiang Sese would fall in love with someone else, but why was she behaving like this? And who was this Li An? What was his relationship with Jiang Sese?

Jin Fengchen had always been very perceptive, but this time, he couldn't figure Jiang Sese out.

"Brother, what should we do now? Shall I keep looking into this Li An?"

"Go ahead!" Jin Fengchen nodded. He had to, because Jiang Sese wouldn't tell him anything and he couldn't just let the two of them go on like that.

With Jin Fen
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Patty Cuenca Centina
tiring how stupid she is. she has fallen for every single trick thrown at her. it's almost a comedy rather than a drama.

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