Chapter 221 You Have to Be Responsible for Me

That night, the two of them met at a late-night bar, which wasn't very much visited.

Sitting at the bar, Su Qingyin looked disgruntled. She said angrily, "That Li An is useless. He can't even do that one little thing right! That's just great! Before he could expose her, he was exposed himself!"

After that, she asked Mu Jingshen in a somewhat accusatory manner, "Didn't you tell me that nothing could go wrong?"

Sipping his drink, Mu Jingshen said unhurriedly, "I never promised you that. After all, this Li An showed up so out of the blue, and there were going to be a lot of loopholes. Even if he could find some excuse, he wouldn't be able to keep making it. The Su and Lan families have wiped the evidence too clean, and I could never find out who Jiang Sese had the baby for. We only hired Li An as an imposter because we didn't have any other choice."

Hearing that, Su Qingyin was so mad that she almost burst into laughter. "We didn't have any other choice? Why didn't you say so before?
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Jeanette Abliter
Please make it more interesting ? this is the first time I paid to unlocked the chapters. just let them know whose the real Mother. your beating around the bush.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rashmi P R
billionaire beauty - it's good as far. it will keep u engaged with mild romance and little twists and the characteristics of the characters. but it's not complete.. it's not complete. it's continuing one where chapters are updated alternative days and 5 chaptors at a shot.
goodnovel comment avatar
Cleo O'Connor
Boring 221 chapters of the same thing, wrap it up already you can only keep repeating the same situation for so long before we are all lose interest

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