Chapter 228 Bring Ruin and Shame upon Him

A kiss at night is especially mesmerizing.

Jiang Sese snapped out of her trance-like state when she realized that Jin Fengchen was on top of her.

Pressing her hands on his hard chest, she tried to push him away.

Jin Fengchen sat up, still lost in the passionate moment. His gaze toward her was affectionate, forbearing, and full of restraint. "Go to bed."

He had already pushed the door open and left the room after he said those words. She heard the door to the next room open and then close.

In the Su Family house...

Su Qingyin was going to bed when she received a message from her friend. She flared up and began smashing everything in her room.

There was a ferocious look in her eyes. "What's wrong with Qin Mulan? She was all 'you're the perfect daughter-in-law I want' before, but she has changed her tune just like that."

Had it not been for her friend, she wouldn't have known that Mrs. Jin had brought another woman on a blind date with Jin Fengchen.

After hearing the noise come f
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