Chapter 230 Watch out for the Su Group

She texted Jin Fengchen only less than 20 minutes ago, telling him to pick her up later than usual, for she had to work on her business plan.

Now that she needed to go meet Lu Zheng on short notice, she had to send Jin Fengchen another text message.

Seeing an incoming message from Jiang Sese, Jin Fengchen thought that she was going to tell him that she had changed her mind and would like him to pick her up earlier.

However, the message this time said that she was going to be back even later and that he didn't need to pick her up at all.

Over on the other end...

Jiang Sese walked out of her office building to find Lu Zheng waiting downstairs, which surprised her. "Senior Lu, I didn't know that you were coming to pick me up."

Lu Zheng smiled mildly, and then opened the door to the passenger seat for her. "I'm meeting my competitor, so of course, I have to show some sincerity."

After they arrived at the restaurant, Lu Zheng pulled out the chair for her like a gentleman and only sat
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
i don't know... Rather saying she's stupid, it's better said that she's naive
goodnovel comment avatar
He know that she's already Jin Fengchen' girlfriend, so why he still want to meet her????
goodnovel comment avatar
Cleo O'Connor
I’m really confused are we supposed to believe Sese is smart or stupid

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