Chapter 231 Jin Fengchen's Marriage Proposal

Looking up, Jiang Sese saw the strange look in his eyes and was bewildered.

The look in Jin Fengchen's eyes became more brooding when he saw how confused and insensitive she was.

Under his unblinking gaze, Jiang Sese couldn't help feeling guilty.

She didn't do anything, aside from having a casual dinner with Lu Zheng.

Why did she feel as though she had done something she wasn't proud of?

Jiang Sese didn't want to give Jin Fengchen the wrong idea, so she explained right away. "I promised that I would buy Senior Lu dinner last time, but had to cancel because I had a stomachache. I didn't want to owe him anything, so I..."

Before she could finish, she looked up and saw his teasing, flickering eyes. Only then did she realize that she had been tricked.

Vexed and embarrassed, she ordered him to leave. "It's late. Shouldn't you be getting back?"

"Are you kicking me out now?" Jin Fengchen raised an eyebrow, finding her vexing face rather attractive.

Jiang Sese mumbled, "I'm not kickin
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