Chapter 232 Motivated by Strong Opponents

Jiang Sese glanced at him and smiled. "A suitable amount of pressure can push me forward."

Lu Zheng was surprised, and then saw the light. He didn't forget to make a comment. "No wonder they say that the harder one works, the faster they'll make progress."

She was about to reply when her eyes met Su Qingyin's.

Jiang Sese noticed that Su Qingyin's eyes were flickering with a complacent look in them.

Probably because of something Su Qingyin said, Kevin began to measure Jiang Sese with his eyes.

Since Kevin had noticed them, Lu Zheng simply led Jiang Sese toward the man.

"Kevin, it's been a while." Lu Zheng reached out first, enthusiastically shaking Kevin's hand.

Kevin was glad to see Lu Zheng as well. Since they hadn't seen each other in a while, they spent a little time exchanging pleasantries.

"And this is..." Kevin took the initiative and turned to Jiang Sese.

Jiang Sese nodded at him, and then introduced herself. "Hello, Kevin. I'm Jiang Sese from the Jinse Creative Agency.
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