Chapter 233 Your Nightgown Is Way Too Conservative

Lu Zheng was chatting happily with Jiang Sese when someone else greeted him. He said apologetically, "Sese, I just spotted a friend over there. Excuse me for a moment."

Jiang Sese nodded. After Lu Zheng left, she fetched a glass of wine, found a corner to sit down in, and studied the banquet carefully.

As much as she wanted that project, since Kevin had announced the terms of the competition, she decided not to bother him again. Instead, she only tried to figure out what she could do to make her business plan stand out.

Lu Zheng only went back to her shortly before the banquet ended. The two of them then went to say goodbye to Kevin together.

"Sese, let me give you a ride back home."

After leaving the hotel, Lu Zheng got Jiang Sese into his car before she could say no, as if fearing that she might run away.

Jiang Sese chuckled. "Thank you for the ride then, Senior Lu."

However, what she didn't know was that a pair of eyes had been following her as she walked away.

Those eyes be
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goodnovel comment avatar
exactly! storyline makes me want to cringe. get on with the main plot already
goodnovel comment avatar
Pushpa Wood
I wonder whether apart from us readers, anyone is taking any note of the comments - the author and the app owners included
goodnovel comment avatar
Pushpa Wood
I read it for fun and enjoyment and at the moment it is neither of these. I a, not going to recommend this to anyone I know and especially not on my own page.

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