Chapter 235 Amusement Park

Jiang Nuannuan didn't care that they were at a hospital. She tried to start a row with Lan Sichen out in the open.

Lan Sichen tried his best to control himself and did all he could to calm her down. "You should understand your position now. Sese is now backed by Jin Fengchen. If we keep offending her, the Jin Group can bankrupt both of our family businesses just by snapping a finger!"

Seeing that Jiang Nuannuan wouldn't be persuaded, he heaved another sigh. "She's not what she used to be, and we can't afford to offend her anymore."

Jiang Nuannuan snorted. She believed that since she had set Jiang Sese up and kicked her out of her family before, she could do the same thing again.

The look in her eyes grew malicious and she said between gritted teeth, "I'm going to reveal her past to everyone. Ruining her reputation isn't enough. I'll take everything away from her."

Nothing Lan Sichen said could persuade her, so he had to threaten her in a cold voice. "Listen to me. Don't put yourse
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Pushpa Wood
Now it seems like the writer’s intentions have gone beyond greed. It is sheer exploitation of ireaders and their loyalty. It is either the greed or lack of competence!! I am not sure what is true
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This has been 90% from a hundred chapters back! Am i wrong?
goodnovel comment avatar
Which is why when my coins finish even without the end chapter, am done with this story. Author has no respect for his reader's helpful critics or quality of his writing.

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