Chapter 239 Plagiarism

"Miss Su, you're too modest."

Instantly, Su Qingyin's status in the marketing department was elevated.

"All right, I'll leave you to your work. I still need to wrap something up." After that, Su Qingyin smiled in satisfaction, then she turned around and went back to her office.

She couldn't wait to see the look on Jing Sese's face when the latter found out tomorrow at the bidding event that the two of them had an identical marketing plan.

After obtaining a perfect marketing plan as easy as blowing off dust, Su Qingyin slept like a baby that night.

Soon, it was the day of the Eisley bidding event.

Jiang Sese got up very early.

Although she had confidence in her marketing plan, it didn't mean that they could definitely get that advertisement deal.

She chose an exquisite suit from her closet just for the occasion, and then carefully put on some makeup.

Jiang Sese stood in front of the mirror while holding the plan she had pulled several all-nighters creating.

She went downstairs
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Deb Weller
It would be really nice if there could be more than 2 chapters released

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