Chapter 24 You're Good-Looking Too

Jin Fengchen was stunned, but he looked closely at the faces of Xiaobao and then Jiang Sese nevertheless.

Jiang Sese found it amusing how seriously he was taking a child's words.

How could they look alike when she and Xiaobao weren't related?

Jin Fengchen was planning to give a perfunctory reply, but upon closer observation, he found that Xiaobao's and Jiang Sese's facial features were surprisingly similar.

Their facial features were similarly graceful and refined. When their eyes looked around, he would even say that their resemblance went up to 70% or 80%...

"You two do look alike," Jin Fengchen said in surprise.

He took an even closer look at their faces.

The more he looked at them, the more similar he found them!

Jiang Sese was immediately skeptical after seeing how earnest he was being. She also turned to stare at Xiaobao.

However, the more she looked at Xiaobao, the more she thought he resembled a miniature Jin Fengchen.

Like his father, Xiaobao had perfectly sculpted facial feat
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Jisna s rajan
another version of Ning Xi,Lu Tingchen and Little treasure.i love it.

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