Chapter 253 Cracking Down on the Su Group

All Mrs. Jin heard was that someone among Jin Fengchen's group had fallen down the mountain, and that an injured Jin Fengchen had been hospitalized. She connected the dots, believing that it was his son who fell down the mountain, and so, she impatiently made her way to the resort with her husband.

Jin Fengchen's wounds had just been treated. He looked pale and exhausted.

Mrs. Jin looked at her son with both heartache and anxiety. "What exactly happened? How did you end up like this?"

Jin Fengchen never expected them to rush here so quickly. When he saw the worried look on their faces, he had no choice but to say, "My wounds aren't serious. The one who fell down the mountain was Sese."

His explanation immediately caused Mrs. Jin's face to turn cold. "Jiang Sese again!" she said furiously. "Jiang Sese is such bad luck!"

She said decisively, "Stay away from her from now on."

Jin Fengchen, already injured in the first place, found the pain to be even more unbearable. His mother's wo
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