Chapter 254 Made up My Mind

Father Su was utterly shocked to hear it, and he wouldn't believe it at all. So he waved his hand and said, "No way. The Su and Jin groups have always been on good terms. There is no way that the Jin Group is behind this."

The assistant looked at Father Su with a complicated look on his face. He hesitated for a second, but in the end, he still spoke with determination. "But, Manager Su, this is the truth. It definitely is the Jin Group."

At that point, the look on Father Su's face changed. "Is it because the Jin Group has found out that the Su Group is nothing but an empty shell now and nothing like it used to be?

"So they are plotting a merger?


"What on earth are they planning to do?"

Father Su knew very well that Jin Fengchen was the one that was in charge of the group and he was also the executive. Father Su got furious.

"Jin Fengchen got too ambitious."

He dialed Jin Fengchen's number immediately. As his senior, Father Su demanded an answer from Jin Fengchen directly
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