Chapter 260 Getting Drunk

"You're such a two-faced woman. After you grew up, I let you have my fiance and the share of my inheritance, but wouldn't you leave me alone, would you? Are you having fun, seeing me living in misery?

"Earlier at the banquet, you wouldn't stop trying to reveal my secret! And now, you're brazen enough to blame other people!"

Jiang Sese glared at Jiang Nuannuan fiercely, who was covering her cheek with her hand, with eyes that spat fire. Rage was seething inside Jiang Sese, and she wanted to rip Jiang Nuannuan to pieces.

Jiang Sese believed that she was only in this unbearable state because Jiang Nuannuan wouldn't leave her alone.

"You... You're lying! I didn't!" Jiang Nuannuan still tried to make excuses for herself.

Even if she really was the one doing all those things, she would still have to deny it in front of her father, not to mention that she was actually innocent.

Jiang Sese smirked. "I see you'll cry only when death is staring you in the face. Isn't that so?"

After that,
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