Chapter 263 Quit Her Job

Jiang Sese didn't sleep well that night.

She dreamed about her past, the baby, and Jin Fengchen. It was a chaotic dream.

She woke up with a splitting headache.

After much struggling, she sat up and looked around the room only to realize that she was in a hotel.

The memory from last night came back to her and she recalled running into Lu Zheng at the bar.

She thought that he must have been the one who put her in the hotel.

She felt as if her head was being pounded by a hammer. What a headache.

She felt awful!

She heard a knock at the door when she raised her hand to rub her throbbing temples.

"Sese, are you up yet?"

It was Lu Zheng.

"Yes, I'm up."

She scrambled off the bed, and then ran over to answer the door.

There was a mild smile on Lu Zheng's handsome face when he saw her. He asked, "Did you sleep well?"

Jiang Sese smiled back at him. "Not bad."

After that, she raised a hand and rubbed her temple.

Seeing this, Lu Zheng frowned. "Headache?"

"Yes. I guess I drank a l
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Comments (17)
goodnovel comment avatar
Why do all these books have the same story line? It is getting old. I want to read a story where they work things out together and build towards happiness. Not always getting hurt by a woman in love with her guy, they runaway to live somewhere else. Then years later they meet up again. Same story?
goodnovel comment avatar
Mitchelle Mikki Ch
and another thing how do you bring Lu Zeng back into the picture when she can't even handle Jin Fencheng, a love triangle doesn't work with sese because you made her weak
goodnovel comment avatar
Really getting too boring! once I finish my coin, I will move on. This stories never hit the climax when they should! it always several anticlimax until you get bored and move on!

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