Chapter 270 How Could She Be So Silly?

"Brother, I've found out about her past."

Jin Fengyao started speaking the moment he saw his brother.

He told him everything that Jiang Zhen had told him.

Jin Fengchen was so shocked to hear the truth that even his fingers were trembling.

Jiang Sese's past didn't bother him in the slightest. Even now, after finding out the truth, he only felt sorry that she had suffered.

"How could she be so silly?" Jin Fengchen closed his eyes and smiled wryly.

It felt as if something had crushed his chest, making it painful to breathe.

Her past had resulted in her low self-esteem, leading her to think that she was unworthy of him until she eventually chose to leave him.

But she was the victim, wasn't she?

Jin Fengchen regretted everything.

He regretted not investigating her past just because he wanted to respect her. That resulted in her shouldering all of her burdens and facing everything on her own when the truth was exposed.

"I'm such a bastard!"

The regret on his brother's face upset
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