Chapter 275 A Wild Night

It was a wild night.

They conveyed their longing for each other through their kiss.

"Sese, I love you."

He released all of his emotions in mutters and groans in her ear, while her tears flowed like a leaking faucet. She held onto his back, indulging in her emotions.

Jin Fengchen drifted into a deep slumber.

The room was dim, and the only light source was a wall lamp by the bed.

The yellow light showered the bed, enveloping Jiang Sese as she looked longingly at Jin Fengchen.

She looked as though she was trying to engrave his image into her mind.

It had been two months since she saw last him, and he seemed to have gotten thinner. Even though the light was dim, she could clearly make out the darkness under his eyes.

He hadn't been living well.

Suddenly, conflicted emotions surged into her heart.

There was guilt, heartache, as well as other indescribable feelings.

"I'm sorry."

Jiang Sese muttered to herself. She closed her eyes and reached out to embrace him in a tight hug.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Please release the rest of the story
goodnovel comment avatar
Story okay but going round in circles.
goodnovel comment avatar
Faezah Az
jiang sese selfishness towards the series is getting so annoying. all she ever did was hanging fenchen down the line. she only has considered about her own opinion. this kinda female lead is alway using her low self esteem to torture the ML.

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