Chapter 278 This Is All Jiang Sese's Fault

It hadn't been long since Xiaobao had disappeared, and a young child like him couldn't have gone very far.

Even so, Jin Fengyao hadn't found him after searching the area.

The security guards of the neighborhood hadn't seen him either.

"That's odd!"

"Where can a child like Xiaobao run to?"

He panicked and called Jin Fengchen. "Brother, Xiaobao is missing. He said he's going to look for his mommy."


On the other side.

Even though Jin Fengchen was absent, the meeting went on as usual.

When Jiang Sese walked out of the meeting room, she could hear her colleagues discussing Jin Fengchen's absence.

She lowered her head and walked to her desk.

She didn't want to participate in their conversation.

Still, she couldn't help but overhear them.

"I heard that President Jin was already downstairs when he got a call and left in a rush."

"What call is that important?"

"Was it his girlfriend?"

"You didn't see how his face changed after answering the call."

"Who called him?"

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