Chapter 28 Delicate Gem in His Arms

Surely not!

Then what was he trying to do?

Why was he leaning in for no reason? Their faces were almost pressed together...

Their faces were now just about five centimeters apart.

Jiang Sese could sense a hot breath brushing past her cheek. It was like a feather sweeping her skin, making her feel numb all over. It also felt like a burst of warmth crossing her… When she breathed in, all she could smell was the scent exclusive to him.

She couldn't help getting a fright. Hastily, she reached out and pressed a hand against his chest. She also subconsciously took two steps in retreat.

The next thing she knew, a strong and sturdy arm wrapped around her waist and firmly pulled her in.

"Don't move," he said in her ear, giving her a warning that she couldn't defy.

Jiang Sese was so alarmed that her entire body went stiff. She dared not to move. All she could do was let him embrace her in such a suggestive way.

At first, Jin Fengchen was just trying to check out her inflamed face.

But when she w
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