Chapter 283 Blessing in Disguise

Jin Fengchen and the police officers saw Jiang Sese slumping forward the moment they arrived at the scene.

His pupils shrank when he recognized Jiang Sese. He yelled, "Sese!"

He ran toward her.

When the kidnapper spotted the police officers, he immediately ran away, leaving behind Jiang Sese and the child.

"Stop right there!" The police officers ran after him.


Jin Fengchen caught Jiang Sese just in time to stop her and Xiaobao from falling to the ground.


Being shot twice caused Jiang Sese so much pain that her face had become a frightening shade of white, and her forehead was drenched with sweat.

She pushed Xiaobao into his embrace with a smile. "Fengchen, I rescued Xiaobao."

"You idiot!"

Even a cold person like him couldn't help feeling the urge to cry at the sight of Jiang Sese putting up a strong front.

Xiaobao sobbed out loud after seeing the blood on her shoulder. "I don't want Mommy to die."

Jiang Sese raised her hand to gently wipe his tears. F
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Virginia Phillips
I agree with you, it seems to take to long and spending a lot. I thought these books were when they published it.
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Lita Suerte Felipe
I agree, story drags, and we're spending to juy coins for a never ending story :(
goodnovel comment avatar
Yinka Balogun
May be I can finish the story, for the author. Sees lost consciousness for too long and is put in induce coma , woke up after Two weeks and after doing scan and other test , it was discovered that she’s 2 weeks pregnant and she will confessed to what happened between her and fengchen in the wild nig

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