Chapter 287 Nobody

Su Qingyin's eyes glimmered when she noticed the gauze wrapped around Jiang Sese's arm. Displaying a look of concern, she asked, "Miss Jiang, where did you go? It's been so long since I last saw you."

Jiang Sese's gaze cooled when she remembered what Su Qingyin told Xiaobao. "Business trip," she said apathetically.

"Oh, a business trip."

Su Qingyin acted as if she had just realized something and beamed at her. "I thought you had an argument with Fengchen and broke up with him."

Jiang Sese's eyebrows twitched, but she soon laughed out loud. "Miss Su, you must be disappointed."

Su Qingyin was stunned. By the time she had processed Jiang Sese's words, she could no longer maintain the smile on her face.

She had wanted to embarrass Jiang Sese, yet this surprisingly sharp-tongued woman had fought back instead.

"Of course not. Well, it's just that Auntie Qin has been matchmaking Fengchen and Li Yuanyuan while you were away. That was why I thought you had broken up with him."

She was s
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CeeCee McBride
Besides it’s taking too long to get this all wrapped up, I’m skipping chapters because it’s too drawn out. I want this lady to just go away & let Sese live in peace!
goodnovel comment avatar
Kylie Di Benedetto
How many chapters do these stories usually have???
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary T Mclaughlin
I 2nd that , really annoyed as some chapter's are really small.

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