Chapter 289 Mrs. Su Showed up at the Door

"Dad, I'm your daughter! How can you say that about me?"

Mr. Su's words angered Su Qingyin so much that she yelled at him and ran upstairs.

"Look at how your pampering has ruined your daughter!"

Mr. Su yelled at his wife while pointing in the direction that his daughter ran off, panting with rage.

"What did I do?! Mrs. Su was just as furious. "You're at fault here! You know how much Qingyin likes Jin Fengchen, yet you still said such things to pour cold water over her!"

"She has to give up no matter how much she likes him."

He sat down on the couch and continued, "Do you think our family is a match for their family? If we somehow anger Jin Fengchen, that'll be the end of us. Do you know that?"

Mrs. Su didn't think that things would turn out to be that serious. "We're family friends. Fengchen wouldn't dare to go so far."

"Wouldn't dare?" Mr. Su let out an exasperated chuckle. "Did you forget how he treated us after Qingyin pushed Miss Jiang down the mountain?"

His words reminde
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