Chapter 291 Be My Goddaughter

Mr. and Mrs. Jin were polite and kept telling her to eat more.

She survived dinner thanks to Jin Fengyao playing the mood maker and entertaining them with interesting stories.

After dinner, Jin Fengchen was summoned to his father's study while Jin Fengyao took Xiaobao out to play.

That left Jiang Sese on her own. She wanted to return to her room, but Mrs. Jin stopped her.

"Miss Jiang, come and sit here for a bit."

She had no choice but to nod. "All right."

Mrs. Jin sat down on the couch first. When she saw Jiang Sese not moving, she beckoned her and said, "Hurry up and come here."

Jiang Sese walked over and sat down in the couch diagonally across from her.

Both women sank into silence.

Jiang Sese's lowered head and clasped hands over her lap betrayed her nervousness.

After a while, Mrs. Jin finally said, "Miss Jiang..."

Jiang Sese interrupted her. "Auntie, you can call me Sese."

Her request caught Mrs. Jin off guard, but the latter soon chuckled and accepted it. "All right,
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Faith Stoole
love the story line. But the story is going around in circles. I thot they were already married.
goodnovel comment avatar
Wilma Tielak
I skip a lot chapters because the story becomes boring and bad. I wish the author really reads our comments and give the story agood ending in 2 chapters now.
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary Christy
Yes AGAIN for the nth time..

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