Chapter 3 Carry Me Downstairs

Jiang Sese was also staring at him in confusion.

It was obvious from the pretty boy's clothes that he wasn't an ordinary person.

The way he was looking at her, however, was hard to describe.

It was as if he was assessing… a rare object.

Such a thought made her feel rather ridiculous.

Yan Yifei wasn't a patient person. She barked at the pretty boy, "Who are you? Don't you know that you can't barge into an office during work hours?

"What a pest!"

The pretty boy gave her a nonchalance glance, looking both cold and detached. He extended his little finger to point to Yan Yifei and said in a commanding tone, "You! Clean the mess on the floor right now. Remember: Use. Your. Hands!"

Yan Yifei thought she was hallucinating. She was so flabbergasted and furious that she laughed. "What did you say?"

He dared to command her to wipe the floor?

"Don't you understand me?" The pretty boy shot her a disdainful look. "It's fine to be ugly, but how can you also be so stupid? Looks like this is what this agency amounts to. This young master really needs to reconsider if I should put you in charge of my birthday banquet!!"

Yan Yifei never imagined that this little thing could possess such a poisonous tongue. She was so angry that she was trembling all over. "Where is this wild kid from? Didn't your parents teach you? I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

She raised her hand and tried to slap the pretty boy.

Jiang Sese jumped in fright and threw herself at the pretty boy out of conditioned reflex, pulling him into her embrace.

Just how painful would it be if such a young child was slapped?

The others were also startled, all of them wondering how on earth did Yan Yifei find it in her to slap such an adorable child.

The bodyguards' shock was swiftly replaced by fury. "How dare you! Who do you think you are, trying to hit our young master? Grab her!"

In just two seconds, two bodyguards took hold of Yan Yifei on both sides.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Yan Yifei was astonished herself.

She had never experienced such treatment in her entire life, never mind in front of her subordinates.

Her anger immediately flared. She started struggling. "What are you doing? Let go of me!"

The bodyguards continued to hold her still, not budging in the least.

The general manager of Zhuoyue Agency, Li Sheng came running. He sounded panicked as he said, "Please calm down, Mr. Bodyguards. Forgive my foolish subordinate for offending your young master. I hope you'll be generous enough to overlook this and let go of her."

Li Sheng was in his office at the top floor of the building when he heard that the little prince of the Jin Group was honoring his agency with his presence. He had wanted to welcome him enthusiastically. Who knew that the little prince would run to the Planning Department?

He rushed here as soon as he heard. Little did he imagine that he would run into such a scene. He was so frightened that his soul nearly left his body.

After all, the Zhuoyue Agency had spared no effort in trying to grab hold of a golden meal ticket like the Jin Group.

If this incident cost them the chance to work with the Jin Group, he would surely smack his head against a wall.

One of the bodyguards scoffed. "To think that your employee has the gall to call the young master of the Jin Group an uneducated wild child!"

His words shocked everyone.

This soft-looking pretty boy was actually the little prince of the Jin Group!

That explained his temperament at his young age!

Yan Yifei was bewildered.

Her face initially warped from rage, turned pale.

What kind of terrible outcome awaited her now that she had offended the little prince of the Jin family?

She would probably lose her job if this ended up ruining the cooperation between the Jin Group and Zhuoyue Agency.

Li Sheng was ashen-faced. His voice was trembling with fear when he said, "I'm really sorry. I'll make her apologize to the young master now." He then gave Yan Yifei an exasperated look. "Manager Yan, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and apologize!"

Yan Yifei felt humiliated but now wasn't the time to worry about her reputation. She hastily said, "I'm sorry, young master. I hope you'll forgive me for failing to recognize you and offending you."

The pretty boy ignored her as if she didn't say anything. His entire body was enveloped in Jiang Sese's embrace.

His face was incredibly fair and tender. His obsidian-like eyes were bright. His small nose was high and straight. His pink lips were gently pressed together as he intimately hugged her neck with his short arms. He looked like he had no plans to let her go.

Jiang Sese adored children. She wanted to hug him the moment she saw him.

Now that he was within her arms, she didn't want to put him down either.

Not only was this clever child's body pillowy-soft, but she also experienced an unfamiliar sense of familiarity. That just made her all that more reluctant to let go.

When a long time had passed and no response came from the pretty boy, Yan Yifei began to panic. She couldn't help asking, "Young Master Jin?"

The pretty boy finally reacted to her. He cast her a cold glance and said, "I'm not the one you should apologize to. It's this pretty lady."

Yan Yifei looked disgraced.

"He wants me to apologize to Jiang Sese?

"Dream on!"

"You don't want to? Forget it then. But I'll ask my daddy to reconsider his plans to work with your agency."

The pretty boy nonchalantly addressed the bodyguards next to him. "Let's go."

The bodyguards let go of Yan Yifei as ordered and got ready to escort him out of the office.

Li Sheng was about to lose it. He hastily stopped them. "Be patient, Young Master. Yan Yifei wants nothing more than to apologize." He then looked at Yan Yifei gloomily. "Manager Yan, everyone in the company fought tooth and nail to land the project with the Jin Group. If you want to ruin it, then please pack your things and leave right now. We can't keep you here!"

Yan Yifei's face turned ashen when she heard his ultimatum.

The little prince was hell-bent on avenging Jiang Sese.

There would be no happy ending for her if she refused to apologize.

Despite all of her reluctance, she ultimately clenched her teeth and said, "Very well. I will apologize. I'm sorry."

"Very insincere."

The pretty boy gave her a look of disdain.

Yan Yifei took a deep breath, suppressing her humiliation, and bowed to Jiang Sese. "I'm sorry for treating you that way earlier. I'm very sorry. Please forgive me."

Besides the utter joy at seeing how humble Yan Yifei was being now, Jiang Sese couldn't help noticing how ironic this was.

This woman usually looked down on her and took advantage of her position to bully her. Who knew that she would bow to her one day?

Seeing that Yan Yifei was finally compromising, Li Sheng immediately stepped forward to resolve their dispute. "Young Master, she has apologized. Can you… Can you reconsider our cooperation?"

"She hasn't cleaned the floor." The pretty boy refused to budge.

Yan Yifei gritted her teeth from the humiliation, but even still, she was smart enough to say, "I will clean it now."

She went off to fetch the cleaning supplies. Then, in front of everyone, she wiped the coffee stain with a cloth until the floor was completely clean.

Seeing this elicited no sympathy from anyone.

Everyone knew very well how Yan Yifei usually treated Jiang Sese. The former was merely reaping what she sowed.

The pretty boy was only satisfied when he saw Yan Yifei was done wiping the floor. "I will forget about this incident today, but I have one last request. I don't want her to participate in my birthday project."

Li Sheng agreed with ease. "Of course, that's no problem at all."

"All right then. I'm leaving."

The pretty boy turned his head to look at Jiang Sese.

Jiang Sese got the hint and hastily put him down.

To her surprise, the pretty boy tightened his hold and refused to get down. He even commanded her in the softest of voices. "Carry me downstairs."
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