Chapter 30 Marry Me

When Jiang Sese was done, she squatted down in front of Xiaobao and reached out to caress his face.

"Sweetie, how are you feeling? Do you still recognize me? I'm Auntie Sese."

Xiaobao didn't reply, but his eyelashes trembled twice. There was finally some response from him.

Tampering down her anxiety, Jiang Sese pulled him onto her lap and said, "What's wrong? Can you tell me?"

Xiaobao looked at her, wide-eyed. Suddenly, the rims of his eyes turned red.

She panicked. "Why are you crying? Are you upset because I left you at the restaurant and ran away? Let me apologize to you, all right?"

Xiaobao curled his lips and buried his head into her embrace, suddenly in tears.

Alarmed, Jiang Sese clumsily hugged him and coaxed him in a soft voice. "Don't cry. I'm sorry, so sorry."

Jin Fengchen watched them silently. He didn't try to stop them, but his gaze at Xiaobao carried a hint of a pensive look.

He understood his son well.

He would have his occasional bout of willfulness, but he would never
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goodnovel comment avatar
a cliffhanger no surprise.
goodnovel comment avatar
haha! what a proposal!
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Rosita Baris
Maybe, and hoping that Jiang Sese will be surprise of his asking for marrying him?

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