Chapter 306 Someone's Behind This

An alarmed and bewildered look flashed across Jiang Nuannuan's face when she saw Jin Fengyao walk in, but she was able to quickly cover it up. There was an obsequious smile on her face when she said, "Second Young Master, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

Jin Fengyao walked up to her and said with a sarcastic smile. "Do you think I'm here to check up on you?"

Jiang Nuannuan's face stiffened, but she soon recovered and asked, "Second Young Master, may I ask why you're here then?"

"Did you tell my sister-in-law to come to the hospital?"

Jin Fengyao stared at her without blinking, trying to see if her expression would betray her.

"Your sister-in-law?" Jiang Nuannuan looked surprised. "Do you mean my sister?"

Jin Fengyao nodded.

"No, I didn't tell her to come here." Jiang Nuannuan smiled shyly. "I think you know that my sister and I aren't on friendly terms. Therefore, how could I have told her to come here to the hospital?"

"You haven't?" Jin Fengyao narrowed his eyes and didn't se
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