Chapter 308 Let's Go Get Registered

His scent surrounded her, setting her mind at rest, and she gradually relaxed.


"I'm here."

"I should have listened to you."

Hearing that, Jin Fengchen let go of Jiang Sese and looked down at her. His eyes were so dark and the look in them so brooding that they reminded her of a whirlpool, sucking her deep into them.

Biting her lip, Jiang Sese went on, "I shouldn't have given you that attitude the other day. You were right. I'm not responsible for the loss of Jiang Nuanuan's baby. I shouldn't have pitied her, nor should I have felt guilty."

The incident yesterday wouldn't have happened if she hadn't gone soft on Jiang Nuannuan.

"You're too kind, which has given Jiang Nuannuan the opportunity to hurt you."

Looking at the gauze wrapped around her head, Jin Fengchen looked pained. "Sese, no matter what happens in the future, I hope that you can put your own safety above anything else, okay?"

She had been injured once because of Xiaobao, and now, she had been injured ag
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