Chapter 310 I'll Make You Suffer

"What? That woman doesn't know about her miscarriage?"

Jiang Nuannuan frowned at her mother.

"I think the Jin Family has deliberately kept it from her. If I guessed right, they didn't want to see her sad."

Shen Shulan snorted at the mention of that. "I just don't get it. What's so good about that woman? Why does the Jin Family care about her so much?"

Jiang Nuannuan shook her head. "No, I won't have it. If she doesn't know about her own miscarriage, then what does that make me?"

She couldn't help getting agitated. "She has to suffer the pain like I have!"

"Nuannuan, don't wind yourself up."

As Shen Shulan placated her daughter, she said, "Mom will find a way to break the news to her. Don't worry."

"Mom, how can someone like her get all the attention of the Jin Family? Look what happened to me!"

Jiang Nuannuan wouldn't be reconciled.

After her miscarriage, Lan Sichen kept her company for the first two days, then stopped showing up, saying that he was busy at work.

As for his
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Natalie Kris Obina
i'm getting bored. too much drama and conflict. let her find her child, already!
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She is finally loving Sese

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