Chapter 313 Held Hostage

"Over a month pregnant?

"And the baby had been killed by the fall?"

A pair of invisible hands seemed to have gripped Jiang Sese's heart, and she involuntarily reached for her flat stomach.

Somehow, she had an inkling that Shen Shulan was telling the truth.


Jiang Sese stopped the bodyguards from dragging Sheng Shulan away, then walked up to her.

"Tell me again what you just said."

Shen Shulan gave her a piteous look. "Jiang Sese, you're pathetic. You didn't even know that you had lost your own baby. I pity that one-month child. It hadn't even taken on human form yet."

Clenching her fists, Jiang Sese suppressed her fear and fought to keep her voice steady. "Shen Shulan, do you think I'll believe you?"

"You've come over to me. Doesn't that mean you already believe me?" Shen Shulan gloated.

Jiang Sese said nothing in reply. She only stared at Shen Shulan for a long while before telling the bodyguards to throw the woman out.

"Jiang Sese, it's karma! Karma! You made Nuannu
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Rose SB
Way way way too long!
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It’s taking to long and to get to the end and you keep saying the same thing over just in a different way

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