Chapter 321 We're in the Same Boat

Since things had already come to this, the most important thing at the moment was to keep Jiang Nuannuan calm. She could not let her reveal anything, or else it would be game over.

Thus, Su Qingyin altered her tone of voice. In a pleasing manner, she said, "Nuannuan, I actually did that because I had no choice."

"No choice?"

From the other end of the line came Jiang Nuannuan's sneer. "I'd say you just wanted to push every bit of blame away from yourself!"

"Nuannuan, how could you think that I'm such a person? We're in the same boat here, so no matter who gets into trouble, the other won't escape unscathed."

This time, Jiang Nuannuan stayed silent.

Su Qingyin continued, "Think about it. If I get caught, I'll definitely give your name up to them too. So just to be sure, I lied to that guy and said I was Jiang Nuannuan. That way, wouldn't it protect the both of us?"

Jiang Nuannuan furrowed her brows. When she put it that way, her words did seem to make sense.

Nevertheless, she sai
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