Chapter 322 Fallout

Since Su Qingyin was already on her flight, their calls did not go through to her.

When Jin Fengchen received this piece of news, he was not surprised in the least.

"Do you know where she's headed?" Jin Fengchen asked.


Jin Fengchen tapped his finger against the table lightly, his expression contemplative. A while later, he slowly opened his mouth to say, "Check the departure records. She might not in fact be on her way to Scotland."

Gu Nian nodded. "Yes sir, I'll go check them right now."

Once Gu Nian had left, Jin Fengchen got up and walked over to the French windows that overlooked more than half of Jin City. He gazed out at the city below, eyes dark and cold.

Given Su Qingyin's cautious nature, she would not have gone to Scotland, but another country for sure. Alternatively, perhaps she had never left the country in the first place.

Scotland was just a diversion.

Did she really think that just because she could run away for now, that she would be able to escape
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