Chapter 323 There Seemed to be Something Wrong

Mrs. Su rushed her way straight to the Jin Family home. She barged in regardless of the housekeeper blocking her. And she started to yell, "Mulan, where are you?"

She lost her usual elegance and grace.

Mrs. Jin was preparing food for the two that were in the hospital. She instantly frowned when she heard the noise coming from outside, and there was an agitated expression on her face.

"Who is it? Does she think this is a market?"

She handed the food in her hand to the servant and walked out.

There was a slight amazement flashing in her eyes when she saw that it was Mrs. Su. Seeing that she looked very worried, she asked with concern, "What happened?"

"Mulan." Mrs. Su pushed away the housekeeper that was in her way, rushed to Mrs. Jin's side, and held her hands. "Mulan, you have to help our family and Qingyin."

The frown on Mrs. Jin's face twitched when she heard Su Qingyin's name. She drew back her hand consciously without being noticed.

"Why do I have to help your family and Su
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