Chapter 329 Wear It Only for Me to See

Since Jiang Sese had not fully recovered yet, Jin Fengchen could only bring her and Xiaobao to a department store near their house.

Although it could not compare to the large malls in the city, it had everything they wanted to buy.

"Since we're going to an island, we'll all need swimsuits. It'd be best to buy a few extra sets, and we'll also need to get more sunscreen and other things like that..."

Jiang Sese mumbled to herself as they walked.

"Mommy, I want a sand shovel." Xiaobao raised his little face and stared at her expectantly.

"Okay, I'll buy one for you." Jiang Sese ruffled the hair on the top of his head warmly.

They first entered a swimsuit store, which displayed countless swimming outfits in all sorts of colors and styles, to the point where it made Jiang Sese a little dizzy.

"How about this?" She randomly selected a three-piece swimsuit.

Jin Fengchen narrowed his eyes. He immediately considered how she would surely attract the attention of many other men at the bea
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