Chapter 331 Don't Let Her off Easy


Jiang Sese sucked in a breath. Her entire hand was on fire. It hurt and tingled from the edge of her palm to the very tips of her fingers.

She had really given her all in that slap.

If her hand hurt, the other party had to be in pain as well.

The fat lady felt like her ear was ringing loudly, and the side of her face had gone completely numb.

After a long time, she finally regained her senses and launched into hysteria. Like a madman, she flung herself at Jiang Sese, shrieking, "You stupid wench, how dare you hit me! Are you tired of living?"

Xiaobao had just changed out of the clothes and come out of the fitting room. When he saw that someone was trying to hit his mother, he rushed over and cried out, "Don't hit my mommy!"

Already blinded by rage, the fat woman kicked Xiaobao away in one swift move. "Get lost."

Xiaobao was still so small in stature that he flew a good distance away, crashing to the ground heavily.


All the color in Jiang Sese's face drained
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goodnovel comment avatar
please resolve who sese's child is. this is too prolonged and its getting boring for the characters to be in the hospital always. the writer should end this and begin a new story instead of milking this one.
goodnovel comment avatar
Andrea Meres
The same situation, the same reaction from sese when are they gonna ever get married and have a different story other than being bullied over and over again? And incidents involving sese over and over again but I am happy you update it with 4 chapters daily.
goodnovel comment avatar
will this saga ever end!!!

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