Chapter 332 You Must be Sick of Living!

She had to admit that Jin Fengchen had taught Xiaobao well.

He was polite, humble, and kept a low profile.

He had never used his power to take advantage of others just because he was from the Jin Family.

As for the woman's son involved in the incident that day, he was a classic little brat. Not only had his family failed to educate him properly, but they had also even given in to all his wrongdoings.

Such a child would become a disaster when he grew up.

Jiang Sese gazed at Xiaobao warmly and replied, "Xiaobao is a big boy now, so you must protect Mommy from now on."

"Okay." Xiaobao nodded seriously.

The smile on Jiang Sese's face widened as she stroked his cheek and then turned to tell Jin Fengchen, "Ask someone from home to come and look after Xiaobao. Let's go to the police station."

She had to resolve today's incident.

In particular, she wanted to punish that fat woman and let her know that she had to pay for what she had done.

When Mrs. Jin found out that Xiaobao had been
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