Chapter 335 She's a Shrewd One

Jin Fengchen stroked her back gently, his sharp eyebrows knitted together slightly and pain apparent in his eyes.

If he had known that this would have happened, he would have stopped her from meeting Mr. Su at all costs.


He turned his head to stare in the direction of the emergency room.

The man had been fine. Why would he suddenly collapse?

After a long time, Jiang Sese finally stopped whimpering.

She sucked in a couple of breaths through her nose and pulled away from his embrace, only to realize that a part of his suit was now soaking wet from her tears.

"What do I do?" She raised her face, her eyes bloodshot and voice somewhat hoarse.

Jin Fengchen lowered his head to look at her and smiled. "Don't worry, it'll be dry soon."

Upon hearing his words, Jiang Sese could not help but blush profusely. How embarrassing it was for her to have been bawling so badly despite her age.

"Are you feeling better now?" asked Jin Fengchen.

She nodded. "Much better."

Jin Fengchen
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goodnovel comment avatar
hospital scene for the 100th time just showing how stupid the main girl is over and over. I am beginning to hate this main character for her plain stupidity also the writer
goodnovel comment avatar
repeats again. we are at the hospital again...dah???
goodnovel comment avatar
Wilma Tielak
The author has no writing skills, no imagination. Everything is repeated 100 times. Author you are stupid, very stupid.

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