Chapter 343 You Bullied Mommy Again

Jiang Sese didn't turn him down. Her body felt limp and she leaned into his arms, raising her head and responding to his kiss with clumsy moves.

Sensing her movement, Jin Fengchen grew more excited and deepened the kiss. His tongue made its way into Jiang Sese's mouth and did whatever it wanted there. It felt as if he wanted to eat her whole. The temperature in the room seemed to rise to the point where one could ignite it with a match.

It seemed that things were getting out of control when Xiaobao's voice sounded from the bathroom.

"I'm done!"

Both adults stiffened. Jiang Sese was the first to react and pushed Jin Fengchen away.

The passion was still in Jin Fengchen's eyes, but his face displayed a look of resignation. He gave Jiang Sese a long look with his brooding eyes, then took a deep breath to quell the restless feeling inside him.

Xiaobao came out, wearing his little robe, and cried out in surprise. "Mommy, your face is so red. So are your lips."

After that, he even move
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goodnovel comment avatar
Sick of this now, I’m not sure I’ll be reading anymore, get the story finished, it’s far too longwinded and getting boring now
goodnovel comment avatar
Wilma Tielak
Author, it is time to end this story, happy ending. I regret all the money I spend on this story. But I will stop now, because I lose interest in this annoying story.
goodnovel comment avatar
Jeanette Abliter
the author doesn't seem to finish the story. kinda tiring for the readers

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