Chapter 346 You Don't Belong Here

A group of three adults and one child caught the attention of many in a big shopping mall.

Xiaobao attracted the most attention. Jiang Sese had chosen his outfit carefully today, making him the coolest and most adorable boy. He looked like a perfect model just by standing outside a children's garment shop, and was quite the head-turner.

Jiang Sese adored the boy and wanted to buy him everything she laid eyes on.

"I like this outfit. Xiaobao will look good in it.

"This hat looks good, too. Xiaobao, come and try it on.

"I heard that this type of shoes are non-slippery and very suitable for kids. Let's buy Xiaobao two pairs, so he can alternate between them."

Jiang Sese mumbled as they walked around. Before long, there were quite a few bags in her hands, and they mostly contained five to six outfits for Xiaobao.

In a word, Jiang Sese would buy anything that she thought fit for Xiaobao.

Xiaobao was equally excited himself. He behaved himself the entire time when Jiang Sese tried ne
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