Chapter 347 Shit, I've Offended the Jin Family

Hearing that, everyone turned in the direction of the voice.

Their eyes lit up when they saw Jin Fengyao walking toward them, and everyone thought the same thing. "What a handsome man, and he seems to have a great temperament, too. Are we sure that he's not some movie star?"

The shop assistant was the first to react, and she trotted out to greet Jin Fengyao. She had seen her fair share of rich people in this jewelry shop and could tell this man's prominent status by the way he dressed.

She was ten times more respectful toward Jin Fengyao than the way she was toward Qi Ran a moment ago.

Speaking of Qi Ran, she was also keeping her unblinking gaze on Jin Fengyao with twinkling eyes. She couldn't bring herself to look away for one second, for the guy was simply too handsome. She had never met such a good-looking man before.

Moreover, the man was standing very close to her. Qi Ran was so excited that her hands were shaking.

Jin Fengyao's unexpected arrival surprised Song Qingwan as w
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Thank you Tori Logan and found the book at mtlnovel. But can't really understand most of it due to the bad English! Can't believe this kind of writing and reaching 1467 but still not finished. Not worth reading any further.
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OMG!! These apps are not prioritised for readers satisfaction or quality writing. Story goes off track
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Really. thanks for the advise! 1467 Chapters really!!!

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