Chapter 348 Do It Now.

One couldn't get their face slapped faster than that. Qi Ran knew perfectly well of what consequences she would be facing for offending the Jin Family, so she gave Lin Shen a pleading look.

Despite his reluctance, Lin Shen walked up to Jin Fengyao, and apologized. "Second Young Master, we have been so ignorant. Please forgive us."

Jin Fengyao snorted and ignored Lin Shen, embarrassing the latter.

Having no other choice, Lin Shen had to drag Qi Ran out from behind him, hinting at her that she had to clean up her own mess.

Qi Ran was the type whose trouble had all been caused by her own tongue.

The mention of the Jin Family already made her tremble from head to toe, and she was in no shape to handle something as big as this. The intimidating air Mrs. Jin was giving off alone frightened Qi Ran so much that she couldn't utter a single word.

She had no idea that Song Qingwan, whom she deemed "a bitch", could have been connected to someone so influential.

Seeing that Qi Ran wouldn't s
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Lynnette Wilcox
Your creating another story before finishing this one ????? And it’s the same kind of story . I’m about to give up

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