Chapter 349 As if You Don’t Make Them Worry

After Xiaobao spoke, Song Qingwan couldn't reject the invitation anymore.

Seeing this, Mrs. Jin couldn't object, but had to go have lunch with them together.

Jin Fengyao sat down next to Song Qingwan after they got to the restaurant, then handed her the menu. Song Qingwan waved her hands immediately.

She already felt that she was intruding, so ordering food on the family's behalf would be highly inappropriate.

Jiang Sese couldn't help but grin when she saw the interaction between the two people, convinced that there was something going on between the two. To save Song Qingwan from her embarrassment, Jiang Sese took the menu.

Song Qingwan was a bit gauche and reserved during lunch, which Jiang Sese could relate to. Hence, she was very attentive to Song Qingwan.

Jin Fengyao, on the other hand, sat there in a careless manner the whole time, appearing like some big boss.

After striking up a conversation, Jiang Sese and Song Qingwan became more familiar with each other. Recalling wha
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