Chapter 35 I Can Give You Everything

The next day, the Lan Group sped through the entire process and acquired the Zhuoyue Creative Agency at the price tag of 500 million.

On the third day, the Jin Group voiced its desire to terminate its contract with the Zhuoyue Creative Agency on the basis that the latter broke its agreement.

When he learned of this, Lan Sichen felt like he had just been struck by lightning. Unable to restrain his anger, he said, “Break the agreement? How?”

The newly appointed overseer of the Zhuoyue Creative Agency replied in a trembling voice, “When the Jin Group signed the contract with the agency, they specified that the project must be undertaken by an old employee. Unfortunately, this employee was fired and the agency didn’t inform the Jin Group. When they found out, they immediately expressed their desire to terminate the contract.”

Suddenly, Lan Sichen had a bad premonition. “What’s the name of that old employee?”

The overseer replied, “Jiang… Jiang Sese.”

Lan Sichen’s expression turned ghastly
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Jasmine Wattpad
Bastard.. kick him where the sun don't shine. gggrrr!!!!
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nishtha khamar
this bastard!!! i just want to torture him to death

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