Chapter 354 Does Sese Think That I’m Too Old?

After Song Qingwan walked up to him, Jin Fengyao leaned toward her in a suggestive way and whispered into her ear. "Do as I say for an afternoon and I'll forget about what you did just then. What do you think?"

Hearing that, Song Qingwan darted around, gave it some thought, and said, "Deal."

"Why did you leave Fengyao behind?" Slowly, Jin Fengchen put a hand on Jiang Sese's lower back, and rubbed it gently.

Sensing the hand on her back, Jiang Sese blushed. She brushed the hand off, then gave him a feigned stern look.

Seeing that look, Jin Fengchen smiled, then said, "Yes?"

Jiang Sese tilted her head. "You're a happy man now, but what about your brother? Have you thought about his happiness?"

Meeting her gaze, Jin Fengchen only found Jiang Sese even more adorable.

"I haven't; he's still too young for that." Narrowing his eyes, Jin Fengchen held Jiang Sese in his arms.

"He's not that young. He's old enough." Tilting her head, Jiang Sese said in a displeased tone.

"Really? Sese,
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